Mochaccino Blondie

My kids are hardcore brownie fans. In fact, they love all the baked things I make, especially if it involves chocolate. A pan of brownie disappears so quickly that I always think its magic. I had never tried blondies, when my friend suggested to make it. She told me it tastes great with vanilla ice-cream….

Kheema Sandwich

Sandwiches are something that I really enjoy eating. Whenever we go for a picnic, I like to have a sandwich in my picnic basket. My Blogging Marathon entries for the category – Picnic Hamper would not be complete without the recipe for a sandwich. My favourite sandwich is kheema sandwich! I am a cafeteria junkie.. I love…

Erachi Pathiri (Steamed-Layered Rice cake with meat stuffing)

As you get to the northern part of Kerala, you will come across various pathiris. Pathiris are basically a flat bread. Some are made with rice flour some with All-purpose flour and the other with wheat flour. It can be plain, stuffed, steamed, fried or cooked on a tawa. The names you hear for the…

Taco Try-Out

This is my first try at Tacos. Kids and I had fun making them. Lots of fun and mess..

Crunchy Bread Rolls

My family loves fried crunchy stuff. When I make cutlets, samosas, spring rolls etc., they fly off the plates. Because of my weight issue, I do not make it often. I tend to eat when I make it and when everyone is eating and when there are left overs (I don’t like wasting food!). Making fried…