Shammi Kebab

shammi kebab from shaan spice mixDuring a Ramadan, last year I think. Ninu and I were discussing  about iftar snacks. She told me about this Kebab which was easy to make with the Shaan Shammi Kebab spice mix.

Unfortunately, I did not make for that Ramadan. After a couple of months,on a shopping expedition to lulu, I saw this spice mix on the shelf and thought, I should try it out. I got the spice mix and the beef kheema.

The masala packet went into the pantry and the beef mince into the freezer. The masala mix lay there in the pantry waiting… The beef mince got made into Kheema masla, when I was out of ideas for dinner.

Then one day I decided to try it out! OMG!! I thought to myself,” Zerin, Procrastination is your enemy!!! You were missing out on such an incredibly easy and tasty recipe!!”

This is such a cool and easy thing to make and so versatile. You can have it just like that with some mint chutney. Make it in sandwiches, even make a desi pizza topping out of it. I loved it. Now I always have a couple of packets of this masala mix in my pantry.

Let’s get to the recipe. The recipe as such is simple, Just follow the instructions at the back of the packet. But, there are somethings that I have experienced making this recipe. Sharing this with you all.


Minced meat – 500 gm
Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tbsp
Shaan Shammi kebab masala – 2tbsp
Channa dal – ½ cup
Onion – 1
Egg -1


1. Place all the ingredients in a pressure cooker
2. Cook for 4 whistles
3. Open the cooker after 5-10 min
4. Cook the mixture till all the water has been absorbed. This is very important. Make sure, the oil has started coming off the mixture.
5. Once the meat is cooled, place it in a grinder or a food processor along with one egg
6. Pulse it a couple of times so that we get a coarse mixture.

I mean it!! Just pulse. Don’t let the processor, run continuously. This will give you a paste. Not good for the kebab.

7. Shape this mixture to patties and shallow fry in a tawa

1. Cook the meat until all the water has evaporated and oil starts to show on the sides
2. Make sure you don’t grind the meat to a fine paste. This will make it difficult to shape the kebabs and cause the kebab to break when frying
3. If the meat mixture feels a little bit watery, you can add a bit of all-purpose flour before shaping it. Dipping the patties in all-purpose flour before shallow frying also helps.

This kebab can be a great filling to sandwiches in the kids’ tiffin box.


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