Chocolate cake


“Happiness is when you know, there is cake in the oven” even more so if it is a chocolate cake!!!Old fashioned chocolate cake

I love baking cakes.

My kids love that I bake cakes. My husband just stuffs up his mouth with the cake and takes another one before he finishes the slice!

We all love cake.

Old Fashioned Chocolate cake

I love those movies in which the mom has a chocolate cake in the kitchen on a domed cake plate.

I think you get the gist, I love cake!

old fashioned chocolate cake

Today I made this old fashioned chocolate cake. It’s the recipe from the domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. I just love the way she cooks. This cake is the simplest cake I have ever made and it is the best chocolate cake!

It is just superb paired with the simple chocolate frosting…..

A glass of cold milk and you are in heaven.

Please do go over to her site for the recipe and enjoy the pictures that I have of my version of the cake.



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